Alloggiati Web API

Alloggiati Web API

Powerful, easy to use Alloggiati Web APIs for your business

Powerful, easy to use Alloggiati Web APIs for your business

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Just send data to us and we’ll handle the rest. We can even perform a syncronous request if you ask us to so you can receive an instant response from Alloggiati Web.

Behind the scenes our application logs into AlloggiatiWeb with your credential, checks the certificate to ensure it’s valid and renews it if necessary.
Only then, it follows the necessary steps to validate the passed in data and finalize the request.

If the check-in date is in the future, it will store data and notify your app via webhooks when done.

    POST /guests
        name: "Mario",
        surname: "Rossi",
        gender: 1,
        check_in_date: "2019-01-01",
        check_out_date: "2019-01-10",
        nationality: "IT",
        child_guests: [...],
        credential: {
            type: "alloggiatiweb",
            username: "RM0123456",
            password: "ABC234D"
        syncronous: false,
        webhook_url: ""

Why use our API?

Easy to work with API

Send a JSON, get a JSON. Is really that simple, isn’t it? Just follow our docs and you’ll see.

Smart Webhooks

Get real-time notifications on events happening to your data. We will POST a JSON to your endpoint and you’ll take it from there.

Receipts sync and storage

We automatically sync all receipts and store them in your account. They are kept secure on Amazon S3 servers.

Robust and reliable API

Our application handles over 50 thousand guests every month and has registered over 300.000 to date.