Grow your property management business

With software designed to make vacation rental management efficient

Grow your property management business

Grow your property management business

With software designed to make vacation rental management efficient

Grow your property management business

Managing multiple properties is hard

Guest experience

Delivering a superior experience to your guests requires a team effort across all departments.

You want to manage your guest’s expectations effectively and make sure they have a great stay so they’ll leave a great review.


Managing your cleaning, customer service and check-in teams takes up most of your time.

It feels like if you don’t manage this yourself your team won’t do a good job and your business will suffer.


You have to keep up with your property owners as well as government regulations.

This often involves creating reports, signing contracts, collecting taxes, issuing invoices and reporting to the authorities.

Property damage

Let’s face it, everything goes well until a guest damages your properties – by accident or otherwise.

Protecting your properties is not easy as guest vetting and credit card details are not under your control.

How MyMaison makes it easier

Add your own magic

We give you the tools to automate your business on your own terms. Deliver a great experience while saving time for your team.

Manage people efficiently

We provide a place for your team to work together, share notes, check things off and always be on top of their daily tasks.

Streamline admin tasks

We take care of contract signing, payment collection (including taxes and deposits), issuing invoices and report to the authorities.

Protect your properties

Verify your guests’ identity, make sure they read and sign your house rules or rental agreement and collect their credit card details.

Now, let’s talk features!

In-person check-in app

If your team welcomes guests in person, use our App to scan IDs, sign contracts, collect personal information and payments.

Online check-in form

If your guests check themselves in, send them our secure form so they can provide all the data you need, sign contract and pay their balance.

Payment collection

Connect all your Stripe accounts and collect no-fees security deposits and any outstanding balance through our online forms.

Team dashboard

Give your team the tools they need to work efficiently. Use our powerful dashboard to share notes, data and assign tasks to your team.

Invoices & Receipts

After collecting your guest’s billing address either through our online form or manually, we’ll issue receipts and invoices and send them.

Contract signing

Switch to digital contracts and use MyMaison to automate signature and storage for you, through our online form or your device.

Channel manager Integration

We connect with your channel manager software to further automate your business and make your team is always up-to-date.

Zapier & Custom APIs

Want to step in to the future? You can easily build your own with Zapier or have your developers plug into our APIs.

Mobile first. Desktop PRO

Our mobile app is the perfect tool to manage your business on the go. Our desktop app is where you are most productive.

Ready to start growing?